Tanzania Rural and Urban Youth Alliance (TRUYA) is a newly established Non-Government Organization, non-profit, non-partisan and independent youth run organization with registration No. 00NGO/00004220 whose main objective is enlightening, enabling and empowering Tanzanian youths to be capable in participating effectively in socio-economic, political and ecological development of the society. 
Other objectives of TRUYA includes:
(1)   To inform youth about different issues happening in the world at large.
(2)   To motivate youth to participate effectively on implementing various national development projects.
(3)   To educate youth on sexual transmitted diseases particularly HIV/AIDS.
(4)   To motivate youth to realize their roles in the national development processes.
(5)   To create unity among youths.
(6)   To create a centre for youth to meet and to discuss various issues concerning their lives.
(7)   To provide education to youth on the opportunities available in the East Africa integration.
(8)   To provide education on green environment and sustainable environmental management among youth.
(9)   To provide education concerning human rights, good governance and democracy.

(10)  To conduct research on various issues concerning youth in order to come up with solutions on various aspects of life.