TRUYA is a non-government organization registered as a non-profit organization aiming at creating an alliance between youth in urban and rural areas through by involving them in development aspects through incorporating them in different socio-economic activities. TRUYAs mission is to prepare and educate youths on their roles in national development and how they should be empowered for the enhancement of employment opportunities and security.
The organisation structure is provided in the constitution and it includes the office of the chairperson, general secretary, treasure, coordinator, and head of the departments. Also, there shall be the Executive committee whose composition shall include the chairperson, general secretary, treasurer, chief coordinator, heads of department and other five members elected by members at the general meeting.

Membership of TRUYA is open to any person who is of the age between 18 to 35 years.A person shall not be considered as a member unless: He/she is of sound mind; He/she is a Tanzania citizen; He/she is ready to follow the requirement of this constitution and protect its existence; He/she is ready to work with the alliance whenever a need arises; He/she has applied for membership in membership application forms to be issued by TRUYA; and pay membership fees and annual contribution as shall be determined by members.