Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Currently, The G/Secretary of TRUYA is conducting a Scoping Study to
provides a situational analysis that includes a detailed outline of role players involved in youth involvement in the environment, water and sanitation sector at the country level. Therefore, we are welcoming youth from different organisations, groups and general public to provide their opinions and comments on the issues involving youth participation, interest, innovative ideas/projects, challenges and benefits  around these sectors. The comprehensive National Youth Forum Report will be prepared and produced during the National Youth Forum conducted along with the SADC Water Weeks at Kunduchi Beach, Hotel Dar es Salaam, 11th - 13th, March, 2015. The outcome of the forum, with this report, is the preparation of the Action Plan for Youth Involvement in Environment, Water and Sanitation Sectors at the national level which will identify key priority issues and projects for youth, as well as the launching of the Regional Youth Competition. All these initiatives draw upon the draft SADC Youth Strategy, the Regional Strategic Action Plans (RSAP) III, the AMCOW Policy and Strategy on Mainstreaming Youth in the Water and Sanitation Sector and the AMCOW Triennial Plan as well make input into the formulation of the SADC RSAP IV. Post your comments here, or send sms via No. 0767693755 or email; Emanuel.richard12@yahoo.com or truyahq@gamil.com